EMVCo releases new ecommerce specifications for secure transactions across devices

June 7, 2019

EMVCo said it has released the new EMV Secure Remote Commerce Specification v1.0, which will enable processing of secure ecommerce transactions in a consistent and streamlined fashion across multilple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, personal computers and other devices.

EMVCo also issued a new payment icon that will be used to signify that EMV SRC is being used to process card-based payment transactions in remote checkout environments, like websites and mobile apps.

"The continued growth of global e-commerce requires reinforcing consumer convenience and confidence in payments," Karteek Patel, chair of EMVCo's executive committee, said in the announcement. "EMV SRC can deliver this while supporting the evolving habits of consumers as they migrate their shopping to PC's/laptops, mobile devices and other connected devices of the present and future."

Discover, in a related announcement, said it intends to have a functioning system in the market later this year.

"We are committed to supporting digital acceptance capabilities that help our partners and merchant community provide positive payment experiences to their customers," Ricardo Leite, vice president of global products and partnerships for Discover Global Network.

Topics: Card Brands, POS, Retail, Security, Technology Providers

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