Domino's to test cashless in-store, delivery in Australian pizza shops

July 11, 2019

Domino's to test cashless in-store, delivery in Australian pizza shops

Domino's will test Tap & Take cashless stores at five Australian locations

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd., said it will launch a cashless Tap-and-Take trial for in-store purchases and deliveries at five locations in Australia, a move that the company says will increase convenience for customers and safety for employees. 

"The Domino's ethos has always been about increasing convenience for our customers - even being the first pizza company in Australia to offer home delivery all those years ago," Nick Knight, CEO of Domino's Australia and New Zealand, said in a company release. "Our Tap & Take stores will enable our customers to get piping hot meals faster than ever, reducing in-store queues and wait times."

As part of the trial, neither the drivers or the stores will keep cash on hand, he said. 

The trial will take place in Domino's Newtown, Coff's Harbour and Wauchope in New South Wales and Calamvale and Surfers Paradise South in Queensland. 

Customers can pay with credit, debit, EFT/POS and mobile/Apple Watch in stores and credit, debit, EFT/POS to door, PayPal, Instagift, Apple Pay, Android Pay for online orders. 

The company is the largest franchisee of Domino's Pizza, with 2,450 stores in nine countries. The company said it is the largest pizza chain in Australia. 

Photo courtesy of Domino's PIzza Enterprises

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