Six reasons international payment gateway will add growth to your business.

Many of us recommend business owners to use an international payment gateway. In this article, we will let you know about six significant advantages of using an International payment gateway. How International Payment gateway can help your business. How you will be able to generate profit out of it. And eventually what's in it for you.

Let explore.


Increases the (Total addressable market) TAM

Business owners perform research. Research teams are responsible for finding critical data after evaluating micro and macro details. For any business, it is vital to have a sales projection, and the sales projection depends a lot on the Total addressable market (TAM). If an organization is only selling in a small territory, then they will be able to entertain a lower TAM. When an organization uses an International payment gateway, it can approach customers in multiple nations. It means then you will have a bigger total addressable market. "Bigger Tam means Bigger Opportunities."

Sell in Rich Currencies.

We all know that there is a value for each currency. Currencies like USD, GBP, Euro AUD, and CAD are more valuable than many other currencies. As an entrepreneur, if you use an international payment gateway, then you can undoubtedly target nations where the currency valuation is higher. This can be highly profit generating for merchants in countries like Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, etc. Businesses in these countries can use International payment gateways and sell their products to customers in prosperous economies like United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Luxembourg. Since the currency difference is high sellers can make a massive profit post currency conversion.

Offer Comfort to Cardholders

It's very frustrating to see the transaction getting declined just because the payment gateway does not accept transactions from a specific country. An entrepreneur should always use a gateway that offers maximum success rate. By using an excellent International payment gateway, your buyers may experience better success ratio. It will finally help you in selling more and generating more profit. Many merchants use multiple gateways. They do this to split the volume and also to reduce the risk. High risk merchant accounts usually do not offer high monthly sales volume. Merchants from high risk Industries use multiple payment gateways and merchant account to cover the sales volume. If you are from a low risk industry, then your payment processor may be interested in offering you a higher monthly sales volume approval.

Accept multiple alternative modes of payments(Local Cards).

Buyers across the world have different preferences. It may be common to find buyers in China using the wallet to wallet transactions. It may also be common to see someone making a payment to somebody in Japan using Bitcoins. Customers from China, Latin America, India, Europe may sometimes prefer to use local cards. Local schemes issue these local cards. As a merchant, you should offer the maximum alternative mode of payments. To do this, you can ask your payment service provider for the alternative method of payments or AMP. It will help you to offer more comfort to your customers, and in return, you will undoubtedly make better profits

Accept ACH and echeck Payments.

Although the previous section has covered a lot of information about the alternative mode of payment I wanted to discuss ACH Payment Processing. After cards ACH and Echeck are the most common method of payment processing in The USA. Most of the international merchants selling in the United States are already using ACH or check21 services. If your customer base includes customers from the USA, then you should certainly explore ACH payment gateway or echeck payment processing. 

Better Brand Visibility and Global Recognition.

Entrepreneurs want growth of the company. There is nothing more rewarding like watching your products being sold in multiple countries. When you use International payment gateway your product can be bought by customers in various nations. This can help you to generate visibility and global recognition for your product.

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