PaymentsMB selets Cardstream to support European expansion

PaymentsMB, the Canadian turnkey Payment Service Provider has today announced the adoption of Cardstream’s Open Payment Network, to support the expansion of its European presence and drive into new vertical markets.

Cardstream will act as PaymentsMB’s passport into Europe, taking responsibility for making introductions to acquirers and driving technical integration. In addition, Cardstream’s suite of features will enable control of transaction routing through tokenisation and velocity checking that will ensure PaymentMB’s merchants remain within their designated transaction thresholds.

Doug Barber, Head of Acquiring and Business Development at PaymentsMB said, “For subscription services such as digital streaming, it’s important that we can help provide our merchants with a broad network of acquirer relationships to help grow their businesses. Cardstream’s extensive network of acquirers gives us the ability to offer our customer more options and avenues for their processing, so they can grow above the thresholds we’ve set for them.”

PaymentsMB, a specialist in digital content subscription services will connect to Cardstream’s comprehensive Pan-European network of acquirers. The partnership will enable PaymentsMB to expand its reach rapidly and continue to provide a first-class service to its growing portfolio of European merchants without being slowed down by the time and effort of multiple integrations or expense of a heavy technology investment programme.

Adam Sharpe, CEO, Cardstream said, “Cardstream’s Open Payment Network gives companies like PaymentsMB the ability to grow their presence in continental Europe at pace. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership and providing the ongoing support needed to improve their connectivity with the right acquirers for their business.”

Cardstream’s impressive ecosystem comprises an Open Payment Network of Partners, platforms and payment technologies. At the centre of this is the Cardstream Payment Hub, an open, secure and compliant white-label cloud platform that allows businesses to access the Open Payment Network through a simple, single integration.
It is designed to put companies in control, so that they have the freedom and choice to deliver their own business strategies unhindered.