BayPay Chapter Program

What is it?

More and more cities across the United States and internationally are becoming hot spots for payment startups and established companies. This means that there are more opportunities for BayPay members to expand your network.

The BayPay Forum is launching a BayPay Chapter Initiative to bring more events and opportunities to your area. Become a chapter leader for your city to bring more content and networking opportunities in your area.

How it benefits you:

Become a local leader on innovation in payments, commerce and fintech in your area

Grow your network and meet other business executives from startup and established companies

Expand your knowledge on hot topics in those industries

Participate in BayPay events

Introduce sessions as a spokesperson for BayPay

BayPay will take care of the logistics

BayPay will bring its network of domestic and international partners


Business executives in Payments, Commerce and Fintech

Dedicate some time to plan, find speakers and/or promote events

Willing to network with other business executives to expand BayPay’s and your network

Participate in a group
We understand your time is valuable and we’ve decided to make this a team effort so that the responsibility does not rest one one person

Find a small group of volunteers to participate in the chapter (1 to 3 other executives)

Live in the area of the chapter

Interested in the latest trends on Innovation in Payments, Commerce and Fintech

Be a BayPay Premium Member

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We will follow up with you on your request.

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