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Why you need to present on BayPay Launchcast


Meet Future Customers


Find Pilots


Find Investors

How It Works


You Apply

Our committee reviews

We select

You pick a date




You present

You answer questions from our members

We record


We post the recording into our Video Library

Our members can watch and contact you


How we structured your 30 minutes

3 minute pitch


This allows you to summarize what you do in a short period of time.

Our members can decide if your company if for them or not during that time.

If they like it, they stay. If not, they lost 3 minutes only in their busy day.

15 minute presentation

Now you have more time to explain what you do.

You can talk about your target market, the problem you are solving, your product or service, your references, your team, etc.

It is your choice to present what you want to convince potential customer, partners or investors.


5 minute Demo


Now it is time to demonstrate what you got.

Seeing is sometimes the best way for people to understand.

We understand product can be complex to demonstrate but we are sure you will do well.

But it is only 23 minutes .....

You counted right. We reserved 7 minutes for the Q&A.

Don't wait and Apply Now!

Who qualifies?


You are a Saas company selling into the Financial industry

You are in the perfect space. Banks are looking for innovative solutions that can help them keep or gain more customers. Cost reduction, digital transformation and AI are hot these days.

You are looking for partners in the Financial industry

Vendors in the financial industry are also on the look-out to integrate solutions that their customers will benefit from.

B2B, B2B2C or B2C

Our members have a large area of interests and they are all affluent consumers.

If you hesitate, apply anyway
we will provide more details.

Curious about the presentations?

These series of 30 minutes online presentations from start ups and innovative established companies will happen every Wednesday at 11am PST.