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City Freight Show USA 2019
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With continued growth in urban populations , the use of ecommerce and connected devices , congestion and a greater awareness of the impact of pollution taking center stage, the challenges that urban goods transport faces are more pressing than ever. City Freight Show 2019  is the only event in the country that will give attendees the solutions to these challenges.

Passenger transportation and the environment are now at the forefront of city design - but the goods movement system has often been overlooked. As environmental legislation extends its reach and new technology like autonomous vehicles starts to become more widespread, there will be many opportunities for disruption.

In order to bring goods into cities, it is critical for key stakeholders such as urban planners and transportation professionals to come together to tackle the key obstacles that impede our progress. This event will bring them together to develop last mile strategies, improve freight and passenger interactions, land use dynamics, freight behavior/decision making and urban freight systems policies. It will also be the biggest opportunity of 2018 for the showcasing of new technologies and alternative fuels.

City Freight Show 2019 will gather key stakeholders - from fleet owners (municipalities, carriers, 3PLs, shippers, food distributors), to city planners and technology providers - to discuss how we can effectively facilitate the movement of goods in dense urban areas.


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Location Pennsylvania Convention Center – Philadelphia, PA

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From Thursday 04 April 2019
To Friday 05 April 2019
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