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The Payment Industry in Luxembourg: Where are we today and what are the future trends? - March 23, 2016 - Luxembourg
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The payment industry in Luxembourg. Where are we today and what are the future trends?
March 23, 2016 - Luxembourg





Lux Future Lab
59 boulevard Royal, Luxembourg City
L-2449, Europe


March 23, 2016
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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KPMG Luxembourg and BayPay announce first joint event in Luxembourg

The KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship (the Khube) and BayPay Forum are proud to announce their first joint event in Luxembourg. The event, which revolves around the present and future of one of the key pillars of FinTech, aims at answering an important question for banks and financial institutions: The payment industry in Luxembourg: Where are we today? And what are the future trends?

BayPay Forum is an innovation accelerator, based in Silicon Valley, which focuses on trends and innovation in the payment and e-commerce industry. Luxembourg came to the accelerator’s attention last year, when its reputation as a European payments hub had grown to such an extent that its standing in the area become known in the US. Luxembourg’s proactive and innovative approach to the burgeoning digital payment industry, and its open-minded regulator, the CSSF, have proved to be attractive to the growing number of businesses establishing themselves in Luxembourg.

This first networking event will bring together professionals from across the payments industry to share their insights into the latest developments in the sector. Bringing their experience to the table will be Daniel Chatelain, the CEO of BayPay Forum, and Alexandre Rochegude, Head of the Khube and former CEO of the award-winning Luxembourg-based mobile payment solution FlashiZ. Luxembourg law firm Wildgen, will also contribute to the debate, and cover the payments industry from a regulatory angle. Entrepreneurs who have chosen to establish their business in Luxembourg will also be called upon to share their experiences. Among these will be SnapSwap, the US company that received the first Luxembourg Bit License, and EMP Corp, the Luxembourg-based company, since 2013, that processed €220 million in payments in 2015. The event will be hosted at the local incubator lux future lab, which has many FinTech start-ups amongst the companies it is hosting. The event will close with a panel discussion on industry trends, moderated by the CEO of the business intelligence platform Vital Briefing, David Shrieberg.

The event constitutes an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments when it comes to payments in Luxembourg. Companies can discuss what the future may bring, while also making connections with other industry professionals and establishing business relationships with the experts.

The Khube is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs, based in Luxembourg and launched in June 2015. It aims at supporting innovative companies and gives them support running, funding and growing their business throughout Europe. Thanks to a wide range of members, including some of the major financial institutions, large corporations, investors and corporate partners, this hub provides a complete ecosystem to foster innovation from Luxembourg.




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6:00-6:30 Welcome drinks
6:30-7:00 Welcome
  Alexandre Rochegude, Head of the KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship
  Karin Schintgen, Director at lux future lab
  Emmanuelle Ragot, Partner at Wildgen, Partners in Law
  Daniel Chatelain, Managing Director at BayPay Forum
7:00-7:15 Pitching session
  Denis Kiselev, Co-founder and CEO at SnapSwap
  Gilles Moro, Co-founder and CEO at EMP Corp
7:15-7:45 Panel discussion
  The payment industry in Luxembourg. Where are we today? And what are the future trends?
  Moderated by: David Schrieberg, Co-founder and CEO at Vital Briefing
  Alexandre Rochegude, Head of the KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship
  Michel Bulach, Partner at Wildgen, Partners in Law
  Denis Kiselev, Co-founder and CEO at SnapSwap
  Gilles Moro, Co-founder and CEO at EMP Corp
  Daniel Chatelain, CEO at BayPay Forum
7:45-9:30 Networking cocktail


David Schrieberg

Co-founder & CEO at Vital Briefing

David Schrieberg, CEO of VitalBriefing, is a digital media expert and serial entrepreneur. After a two-decade career as a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and foreign correspondent, he founded a Silicon Valley-based digital media consultancy before joining AOL in 2003 as Vice President of Content & Programming across Europe. In 2011, he co-founded VitalBriefing, a Luxembourg-based global company that uses proprietary technology overseen by expert financial journalists around the world to create business intelligence for the financial industry - including a weekly Global Fintech Briefing.


Alexandre Rochegude

FinTech Evangelist & Partner at KPMG

In charge of Innovation, Alexandre founded and lead a brand new platform dedicated to innovation. Based in Luxembourg and in partnership with leading international financial institutions and large corporates, The Khube (KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurs) supports innovative companies to deploy their solution in Europe and abroad, and is part of the KPMG Global « Innovative Start-up » Initiative. Alexandre is also a member of the KPMG Global FinTech Group where he is in charge of the « Next Generation Payment » strategic area.


Michel Bulach

Partner at Wildgen

Michel Bulach, Partner, heads the Banking & Finance Practice Group at WILDGEN. His field of expertise also includes corporate law, which enables him to represent and advise clients with regard to various legal aspects. Since 1923, WILDGEN, Partners in Law has been at the heart of law practice in Luxembourg. It is today one of the best known and well-respected law firms in Luxembourg, possessing a strong track record and continuing to offer sound technical expertise.

Michel Bulach photo

Denis Kiselev

CEO at SnapSwap International S.A

The Founder and CEO of SnapSwap International S.A., the company that obtained the first bitLicense in Europe as a regulated payment institution operating with crypto-protocols and cryptocurrencies. Founded SnapSwap in Seattle in 2012, brought together a dream team of engineers and financial specialists to work on the cutting-edge technologies of the emerging Internet of Value.



Gilles Moro


EMP Corp provide payment processing solutions for all types of merchants and e-merchants through an advanced platform that minimizes potential risks and prevents fraud with security procedure. We aim to deliver a complete set of global payment methods based on card processing and e-money.

EMP Corp is a FinTech company of 12 persons with 4 Business. EMP has processed EUR 220 million in 2015 and made a EUR 12,6 million turnover. At EMP Corp we believe the future will be E-money. All payments will be digitalized and online around a central point: E-wallet.


Daniel Chatelain

Managing Director at the BayPay Forum

Daniel Chatelain is a payment industry executive focused on innovation in commerce and sitting on the board of directors or advisors of emerging companies. He started The BayPay Forum to help foster innovation in payment and commerce.

The organization gathers today over 12,000 executives from thousands of companies and organizes events for senior executives to understand new trends and network with peers. The BayPay Labs develop the technology behind it to provide features like Live Streaming or an auction platform for conference tickets among other things.

Prior to that, Daniel was CEO, President & COO of companies he started as an entrepreneur or within the Lagardere (Elle, Woman’s Day, Car & Driver, Hachette, Canal Satellite) and Airbus Industries group (Airbus, Ariane, Eurocopter) and Vice President of a VC backed companies giving him a wide experience of growing companies domestically and internationally in the banking, telecom and interactive media industries as an entrepreneur, corporate or VC backed senior executive.






Lux future lab provides in the heart of Luxembourg City a physical space to support the development of skills and entrepreneurial projects in an interactive and dynamic environment. We want to encourage individuals at the crossroads of their professional development to improve their skills and to develop their entrepreneurial ideas.

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Location Lux Future Lab - 59 boulevard Royal, Luxembourg City

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