Industry Leaders To Debate "The Future of POS"

Industry Leaders To Debate The Future of POS at BayPay Forum Event

Part One of a Two Part Series Focuses On the Vision for Hardware and Software

Redwood Shores, CA, March 2, 2015. The BayPay Forum, one of the worlds largest innovation and education networking organizations for the payment and ecommerce industries, today announced they will be showcasing an analysis of the future of hardware and software at the point-of-sale (POS) over the next decade. The event, which will take place on March 9th in San Francisco, will feature presentations and a panel discussion with four leading representatives from the industry. This is the first in a series of events designed to examine the future of POS, with additional meetings scheduled later in the year.

The POS market is going through a revolution, notes Daniel Chatelain, Managing Director at the BayPay Forum. From the disruption started by Square; to the rise and crash of contactless cards; the promise of the mobile payment tipping point from ApplePay; the incredible breakdown in security; the Samsung purchase of LoopPay; and impending EMV requirements, the market has seen tremendous change in the past few years. All of these changes are going to have a significant impact on the merchants who will have to make hardware and software decision that will affect their customers experience. This discussion will examine how these events have reshaped the point-of-sale industry and what we can expect in the near term.

The presentations and panel feature Mark Baumli, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo Merchant Services; Ginger Bakes, head of Payments Partnerships at Square; Mark Schultz, Co-Founder at Clover Network; and Hitesh Anand, Vice President at Verifone. Sponsored by Wells Fargo, it will be held at the Wells Fargo Learning Center, 2nd Floor, 333 Market Street Annex Building, and San Francisco from 6 to 9PM.

This event, which will allow people to network on a face-to-face basis before and after the presentations and panel is limited to 140 attendees, so early registration is important. As with all BayPay events, the presentations will be accompanied by lively participation from the audience. Chatelain added. In addition, because this topic is so important to our industry, we decided to offer the opportunity to also register and watch the session live from our website as well.








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